Hey !!!

here are upcomming vinyl releases on Underground Pollution Records.

Don't hesitate to get in touch for reservation or infos.


- Final Exit / Sedem Minut Strachu / Adolf Shitter / Noise Brutalizer (ultra fucking noisecore 7" ! coprod with many worldwide sickos !) ON THE WAY !!!

- Adolf Shitter / Atrofia Cerebral (Der Schrecken über noisecore Vs Peru noisecore legends !) 7"

- Adolf Shitter / Shinjuku-Ni-Chome (Der Schrecken über NxC Vs French psychedelic guitar noise under 70's influence and old Japanese guitar noise !) 7"

- Adolf Shitter / New York Against The Belzebu (Suze noisecore orchestra Vs Brazil NxC legends !!!) 7"

- Ecoute La Merde / Mei Zhiyong (anti-psychiatric harshnoise Vs Chinese harshnoise)

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