Ecoute La Merde (or ELM) is my solo noise (I'd rather say BRUIT) project, started in 2005. slowly evolving from "classic" harshnoise on the first recordings to a rather "experimental" and filthy sound done by tapes abuse, junk metal, overdriven parasites, with an agricultural background by the tools used for creating noise. everything recorded direct to tape on marantz CP240. Still into live performances also mainly with metal grinder and metal junk abuse.


actually a full lenght CD is available (pro pressed CD )

I have some copies if interested. 


For any infos write to : undergroundpollution[at]gmail[dot]com


I’m also involved in other noisy project :


- BARNUM (cut-up / weird and psychedelic magnetic tapes abuse and metal junk duo)

- Meilsnaar (drone/noise trio with guys from Sanair and Goatvermin)

- Adolf Shitter (Old school noisecore with Agression Sonore on drums and the one and only NOIZEMAKER on guitar !) 

- Flunitrazépam Halopéridol (Harshnoise over-violence with Noizemaker) 

- МЕРДАТА (duo with Srdjan Eftimovski from Serbia. tape collage, no effects used. concrete!)

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